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Indian Divers Association (IDA) is a non-profit organization, started with the primary aim to promote the sport of Scuba diving and Freediving in India and to garner support for marine conservation efforts from the general masses by bringing the allure to them.

IDA stands on it’s three foundations – Exploration, i.e. to explore the unexplored blue world – Conservation, i.e. to protect the marine ecosystem – and Collaboration, i.e. to ensure collaboration and co-operation from the masses and the locals to ensure conservation efforts spread beyond the marine biologists and scuba divers. Conservation must become everyone’s responsibility for it to be truly successful.

You think you’ve got what it takes? Want to contribute your bit to the big blue? Come join our initiatives across the country.

Meet the alphas

The Scuba divers in the IDA Alpha team are primarily responsible for any explorations that happen around India. Such unchartered territories require special skills and a cool head. To become an IDA Alpha the minimum requirement is to master your buoyancy and be calm minded in adverse conditions.

Kunaal Nike
Advanced Open Water DIver

The Yogi Diver says,

I started diving late in 2017, but the love of diving bit me hard. It wasn't long since I went for to an awesome liveaboard to Similian islands, and became an Advanced open water diver. I am committed to learn more and more about the art of diving, and am dipping my toes into the world of freediving now. IDA gave me a good platform to take my passion for diving to others, and bring like minded people together.

Rajarshi Das Gupta
Master Diver, Founder

Marine conservation is one of the most pressing concerns we have in this century. 1.1% of India's GDP comes from fishing our 8000 miles of coastline. If we stop the rampant overfishing, and environment destruction, and promote marine tourism as a means to gain more profit, we can increase the economy contribution to 6% of our GDP, as has been proven by numerous countries with smaller coastlines than ours. IDA is on a mission to promote marine conservation and diving, we are here for the longer haul to work at the heart of the issues!
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Sonal Mishra
Open Water Diver

The unswimmable learns to swim:

The sea never ceases to amaze me and that's the reason I decided to pursue diving. The under water world is a place which kicks in the adrenaline and also invokes a sense of serenity. Diving stories are good to hear but to be a part of those is what I love. Being a part of Indian Divers Association has helped me look at the sea and its biodiversity as something which is beautiful and vulnerable at the same time. Join IDA and experience the love of diving with a sense of responsibility towards the blue world

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Soumya Dhanavade
Junior Open Water Diver

Here's what our youngest diver has to say:
In the reaches of the ocean, the world isn't the same as on the surface. Given the opportunity, I overjoyed to be able to chase after scuba diving so early in my life. Finishing my certification in early 2018 at the age of 14, I was able to explore the part of the world that not everyone chooses to visit, the endless ocean. Amongst countless marine creatures in the deep blue, an unforgettable experience is what I feel everytime I dive. I'd like to thank my mentor RU(Raj Dasgupta), thanks to whom I was opened to this new perspective.

Kshitij Mittal
Tec Diver, Cofounder Finkick Adventures

Want to hear from our most experienced member? Kshitij says,
I have always been attracted to the waters for as long as I can imagine. I was first introduced to the beautiful world beneath the waves in 2004 when I dived for the first time. Having dived from Maldives to Taiwan and from Egypt to Bali, I have always been fascinated by the uniqueness of each dive site. After becoming a PADI Open Water Scuba Instructor and experiencing the world beneath the surface, I have now made it my aim to share my passion with everyone around!

Jatin Sharma
Open Water Diver

Mr. Adventure shares his opinion:
Love for water has been associated with me since my childhood at the age of 5, the affair started off in a swimming pool. Scuba diving has always in my mind but it just wasn't happening, may be I wasn't surrounded by like minded people. IDA gave me this environment and finally it kicked off. It is a community of very passionate and fun loving people. Every dive with IDA adds a different experience. Looking forward to doing advance open water to upgrade my skills soon and continue to contribute in my own way.

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Our recent Projects

We are working on learning coral re-plantation techniques to fight the effects of global warming. Interested to learn more? Shoot us an email. Expect a delay in response since we are off to our annual international diving trip to Bali. Yes, we have that much fun all the time!


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